Sheffield 1st Ward Primary

This blog is all about using British Sign Language in Primary. Singing time to be more exact. If you look at the pages on the right side menu you’ll find videos of the songs we are learning for 2012 presentation and more. None of the signs are an official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints interpretation, because there is no official one. We are just doing the best we know how to include the wonderful deaf girl in our primary.

Church Signs

There is a BSL dictionary that you can buy at the Distribution Centre that contains everything you will need for signs at church. Each auxiliary should have one that stays at church, but were going to put some on here anyway to help out.

We’ve also created a short video of scripture signs, click the link to view—–> Scripture signs

God, Lord                                                    Atonement                                                   Sacrifice

He sent his son, Descend                                     Faith, Believe                                                     Bless

Amen                                                                                           Church


2 responses to “Church Signs

  1. Bishop says:


  2. Brenda Nettleship says:

    This is a brilliant idea, Abi. Not just the signing, but the whole blogsite. You are a prime example of what it means to magnify your calling. 🙂

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