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This blog is all about using British Sign Language in Primary. Singing time to be more exact. If you look at the pages on the right side menu you’ll find videos of the songs we are learning for 2012 presentation and more. None of the signs are an official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints interpretation, because there is no official one. We are just doing the best we know how to include the wonderful deaf girl in our primary.

As a Child of God signing video for Primary Presentation 2012

As it’s a bit to much time wise for me to post a sign of the week on every single week, I’m just going to stick to the help people need with singing time. We’ve changed quite a few of the songs we’re singing in the outline for the easiness of signing and keeping the kids interested at the same time. This one though, is the new song from the outline. It’s slow enough to learn and really easy. You could just have the little ones sign the chorus. We’ve decided to interpret the phrase “receive special light” as “special guidance” in case you get confused.


How to sign the Young Women theme

Obviously this isnt a post for primary. We’re hoping that the young women could prepare early for Nevaeh coming into yw but also we need them to help set a great example in the ward. So here we have the theme in a video to learn. It’s recorded very slowly to try and be clear enough for to learn from. So be brave, and give it a go. If we can get this now and keep it going it’ll be a great achievement and can probably count towards personal progress!

Click here to take you to the signing video for the Young Women Theme

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I will follow God’s Plan for the presentation…

We are trying to learn to sign as many songs as possible for this years presentation. Last sunday the older children learnt this song in 10 mins. The amazed themselves learning it so fast, but this just shows they know so much sign language now. This is a lovely simple song to sign, it’s a bit quick at the beginning but it looks great. We’re trying to make these videos with a lot of volume now, just in case Nevaeh’s implant can pick up a bit of the sound, so be prepared to turn your volume down! 😉

Click Here to take you to the signing video for I will follow God’s plan

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How to sign a prayer

Probably the most repeated thing in church is prayer. We hear at least 8 prayers on sunday at church. So this is a great place to start with sign language. Here is a primary song that has all the basic sign language you need to start you off signing prayers. It would be a great idea to learn it as a family for family home evening. Click here to take you to the video of I Pray in Faith.

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A special request for some more signing!

Even though we have made this blog to help the children and their parents in Sheffield 1 learn to sign, news of this has reached others. Which is brilliant, because if there are other deaf children in primary in england, which there are bound to be, their teachers are going to need a little bit of help learning to sign language too. We’ve been asked if we could video the sign language for the new presentation song “If I listen with my heart”. The way in which we have decided to sign these songs is so instead of rephrasing the line as you would  do to interpret, we sign the specific words of the songs. This way the children learn the exact sign for each word.

Click here to take you to youtube to watch the video. You will also find it on the presentation music page.

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Kai signing Stand for the Right after only one lesson!

Here’s is a video of Kai trying to sign Stand for the Right. I have to point out he’s had no extra help learning this at home before signing and that it was everyones first time learning it today. It still amazes how fast the kids can pick up the signs and it helps them to learn the words faster too. I’m super proud of all of them!

Kai signing stand for the right

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The Chapel Doors Video

We sing ‘The Chapel Doors’ most weeks at the end of primary to help the children settle down and be reverent. Because we sing this so often, we are going to teach the children how to sign it. Many of them are already trying to copy as Abi signs for Nevaeh. So we’ve made a video if any parents would like to help their children learn it at home. Just click on the link to take you to the youtube video —–> The Chapel Doors video
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Stand for the Right video…

We now have our first instructional signing video up on youtube. There will always be links to these on this blog. Stand for the Right is a song we will be signing for the presentation,  click here – Stand for the Right video

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