Sheffield 1st Ward Primary

This blog is all about using British Sign Language in Primary. Singing time to be more exact. If you look at the pages on the right side menu you’ll find videos of the songs we are learning for 2012 presentation and more. None of the signs are an official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints interpretation, because there is no official one. We are just doing the best we know how to include the wonderful deaf girl in our primary.

Our Zarahemla Nativity

With a brand new Presidency and very little time to learn the songs, we managed to pull off a wonderful nativity with lots of signing

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Signing Little Jesus for Christmas

After a very long gap in the posts, we hope to get the blog back on track and have the signing for all the presentation songs on at the beginning of the year. For now, this is what we are learning in primary for our nativity at Christmas. It’s a lovely short and super easy song to sign.

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A little bit of help

Here’s how we sign help. It’s a positive sign so we put our thumbs up, hold it in our hand and then offer it out to someone to help them, or pull it towards you to ask for help.


how to sign help in BSL

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How to Repent…

Sorry for not many posts lately, everyones had rather alot going in primary lately, with new babies and broken bones. So today we learnt about repentance and how you have to change to truly repent. This explains the sign perfectly.

First you use your index finger to draw a tear falling down your face, to show remorse, then making your hands into fists place your wrists together. Keeping your wrists joined twist your fists into the opposite position to sign ‘change’.


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Kids learn sign language so fast

We’ve been preparing to teach the children to sign the chapel doors, and as a result have been practising before hand at home. A certain very bright young lady has picked this up just from watching bits and pieces and using signs she already knows. Click on the link to see how well she did….Maleah signing The Chapel Doors

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Articles of Faith

As part of the Primary Program we encourage the children to learn all 13 articles of faith by heart. Any sort of actions are great for helping kids remember anything, so it’s a great idea to pick just one article of faith that you can learn to sign with your child. We’ve got the first one sorted for you here, but will have them all on a special page just for the articles of faith soon.

Click here to view the video —-> 1st Article of Faith

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