Sheffield 1st Ward Primary

This blog is all about using British Sign Language in Primary. Singing time to be more exact. If you look at the pages on the right side menu you’ll find videos of the songs we are learning for 2012 presentation and more. None of the signs are an official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints interpretation, because there is no official one. We are just doing the best we know how to include the wonderful deaf girl in our primary.

I pray in faith sign language poster


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One tenth of our increase…

Here is the sign for tithing, we show number one, then pull down to show a whole, therefore 1 tenth- easy!

sign for tithing

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Prayer Poster

Here’s the first of two prayer posters. This is to help the kids sign prayers for church. The two wider rows have 4/5 pictures that the children can chose from to sign. We say prayers at least 4 times a day, so learning to sign a prayer is a great way to pick it up.

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Jesus Christ

Obviously an absolutely essential bit of sign language to learn is Jesus Christ. Press your middle finger of each hand into the palm of the other hand. This is to show the marks from the nails in His hands. Then using your index finger and thumb, make a ‘C’ shape and move it in a arch.

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Sign Language for Primary

Sorry that there was no post last week for sign of the week. Here it is now though…

Primary. Make the sign for the letter ‘P’ and then use either one hand or two to mimic patting small children on the top of the head.

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Happy Birthday

It’s about time we learnt the sign language for happy birthday. Somebody in primary is always having a birthday we should know this by now. It’s simple to. Make your index finger and thumb into a circle, this is your birthday badge. And where do birthday badges go? on your chest. Tap it gently twice.

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I know the scriptures are true

This weeks sign language is KNOW. Simply take your prime hand in a thumbs up position and place your thumb next to your temple on your head.

All the children have learnt enough signs from all the different songs we have learnt, to now sign this year’s primary theme, “I know the scriptures are true”.  Well done kids!

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Sign for Right

Sorry for such a late post this week. The children learnt a whole new song in sign on sunday so we’re just going to take one of the signs from the song as the sign of the week.

The sign of the week is RIGHT (as in right and wrong). Take your prime hand (writing hand) and make a fist, lay your other hand flat, with palm up. Place your fist firmly down onto your palm.

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Signs for Prophet and Play

The church sign for this week is PROPHET. The children learnt this as part of the song they are learning for the presentation. Wiggle your fingers away from your mouth (this is the sign for prophecy), then with the same hand, use your index finger and thumb to move  straight downwards, outlining a man. So essentially the sign is ‘prophecy + man’
The sign for PLAY may look complicated, but is actually really easy once you understand why.  Imagine you have a rubik’s cube in your hand, now twist it back and forth, there you have it! the sign for play, simple!
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Church, Book of Mormon, Good Morning…

This is the sign for church, move your hands up and down, to mimic pulling on a rope to ring a church bell

Book of Mormon, move your hands to show you opening a book, then move 3 fingers, to represent ‘M’ down your cheek

Good morning, use your prime hand (the hand you write with) and reach to your opposite shoulder and simply move to the next shoulder.

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