Sheffield 1st Ward Primary

This blog is all about using British Sign Language in Primary. Singing time to be more exact. If you look at the pages on the right side menu you’ll find videos of the songs we are learning for 2012 presentation and more. None of the signs are an official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints interpretation, because there is no official one. We are just doing the best we know how to include the wonderful deaf girl in our primary.

I pray in faith sign language poster

on July 23, 2012



One response to “I pray in faith sign language poster

  1. Mary Kathryn (Kate) Burton says:

    I have enjoyed looking at your site and think it is very cool that you are including a deaf child in your Primary activities. I am moving to Sheffield on 1 Oct 2012 and will try to make it to church the following Sunday. I am very excited to be attending your ward. My name is Kate Burton and I am a high school librarian from Vancouver, Washington, USA. I have received a Fulbright award to study at Sheffield Hallam University for 6 months. I was raised in the church and got my bachelor’s degree from BYU. I was a missionary to Japan years ago.

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